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Reducing the number of deaths and improving long term outcomes

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About Us

High Quality Trauma Care

The Northern Region Trauma Network is leading the implementation of a contemporary trauma system in the region.

Regional System

Our goal is to ensure trauma patients receive the best possible care by ensuring they are transported to the right hospital to receive quality care which is supported by good evidence.

Training and Education

By doing so, we expect to reduce the number of deaths, and to improve the long term outcomes for those that survive.


Trauma particularly impacts young people and Maori, and we are working with others to reduce the risks associated with injury.

Important Information

These guidelines were developed by the Northern Region Trauma Network to standardise the initial assessment and management of trauma patients.

However trauma patients are variable in their injury patterns and clinical requirements, and different organisations have variable capability and capacity, therefore the Northern Region Trauma Network can accept no responsibility for sub-optimal outcomes as a result of these guidelines.

Clinical judgement should be used in every situation. If you have any feedback regarding these guidelines, please contact the NRTN.